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Helpful Hints: Selling @ Regal -

Why Sell @ Regal?

  • Safe, large lot with great security.

  • You get maximum exposure for your vehicle seven days a week. Hundreds of people who really want a used car or truck will see yours.

  • You don't pay money for advertising - Regal Auctions does!

  • Think about safety: You won't have strangers calling and coming to your home. No time-wasters or joy-riders.

  • Expert free appraisal service to assist you in fixing an accurate reserve price.

  • The auction process ensures competitive bidding. It is not unusual that some vehicles surpass the reserve price. An Auction is the only place where you can get more than what you ask for your car.

  • Detailing services on site to help you sell your car - CLEAN CARS SELL!!!

  • Prompt payment by trust cheque.

  • Buy and sell on a regular basis and you may qualify for our preferred customer discount rates.

  • 18 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

Selling Hints

  1. Drop into Regal Auctions for a free appraisal of your vehicle, preferably at least one day prior to sale. We'll assist you in fixing a suitable reserve price.

  2. Carefully read all the conditions of entry and any special notices on display. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a member of the Regal team.

  3. Your vehicle should start and run properly. We suggest you invest in a good battery and a half tank of gas. It is difficult to sell cars that are pushed or towed through the auction ring.

  4. Invest some time in cleaning your vehicle, or we can arrange it for you. Remember people buy with the eye.

  5. If possible, please be here to represent your vehicle on sale day. Or at least make sure you are available by phone. Many deals are lost by not being able to contact vehicle owners.

  6. Please keep insurance on your vehicle until it sells. Vandalism and theft are very rare, but why take a chance.

  7. Receipts for recent work done on a vehicle do help the sale. Bills must be left with the counter staff at the time of booking.

  8. Stereo face plates and pull-out decks should be left with the counter staff for safekeeping. This is your responsibility.

  9. Cheques are normally held for pick-up. Please notify the staff when booking in your vehicle if you wish your cheque(s) to be mailed.

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