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Auction Sale

Saturday September 14th, 2019

Sale starts at 11:00 AM

Viewing Friday from Noon until 8:00pm

Auction School starts at 10:45am

450 Vehicles
81 Dealership Trade-Ins

$1,000 Cash Draw
Every purchase or sale you make gets you a chance to win $1,000 cash at the end of the auction.

Internet Bidding Available

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Our auctions are broadcast online via streaming video

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RV Icon Recreational Vehicles & Boats @ 11:00AM
RV Icon Heavy Trucks & Equipment @ 11:30AM
Truck IconFleet, Repos & Specialty @ 12:00PM

Auction School

Classes every Saturday

School starts at 10:45am in auction lane 3.

Are you new to the auction process? Regal Auctions will now be offering a quick beginners guide tutorial of what you need to know when it comes to buying at auction. A step by step guide of what to expect and how to buy more confidently can be discussed with you by our own auctioneers.

The Lanes App

In Lane Real Time Streaming Vehicle Data

The Regal Auctions Lanes App streams vehicle details, important declarations, condition report photos and CarFax reports directly to your smart phone or tablet as the vehicles go through the auction. When a new vehicle enters the auction ring the data on your device updates automatically. All you have to do is pick which lane you want to follow.

Please Note: The Lanes App only operates while the auction is underway.

Let us clean your car

Regal Auctions now offers a full range of detailing services. We can do everything from a quick spray down to a world class, comprehensive, deep clean and power polish.

Click here to check out our detailing packages.

Children are not allowed at the auction.
We love kids but safety is one of our top priorities and because of that children are not permitted in the auction yard or in the auction ring at any time. Boys and girls may stay in the front counter lounge as long as they are under direct supervision of an adult family member.

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